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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What is the difference between an annual and a perennial?

Answer - An annual is a bedding plant that only lives for one season.  An annual would need to be planted annually is an easy way to remember it.  Some annuals will go to seed and come back the following year such as Impatient, Viola and Dianthus, or just are able to live through the winter like Dusty Miller.  There is no guarantee of this, but it does happen quite often.  Perennials on the other hand will come back year after year.  Some perennials require cutting back and some don't.  Perennials bloom at all different times throughout the season so planning your perennial garden can ensure that you have on-going color throughout the growing season.


Question - Do all plants require sunlight, and if so, how much sunlight?

Answer - Not an easy question.  There are literally thousands of types of plants and shrubs and most require some degree of sunlight to thrive.  It is often more difficult to find varieties that exist and thrive in full shade, but they do exist.  First, determine how many hours of sun or shade you have in a particular planting area that you are working on, then consult a local garden professional to assist you in finding plants that fit your particular lighting.


Question - Do you offer custom garden assistance , like if I am starting from scratch or have limited or no gardening experience?

Answer - Absolutley! At Hilltop Garden Center we have been assisting gardeners of all experience levels for over 75 years.  Feel free to come in anytime and just look and visualize.  You can experiment with different combinations until you find the right one for you.  If you have colors in mind, we can direct you to plants that meet your wants.  If you are planning a more extensive project that will require planning, please bring photos of the space and give us a call in advance so that someone here can set aside the time to meet with you without interruption.


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