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Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees

It is our firm belief that high quality product and knowledgeable customer service is the cornerstone of any business, but it is most important in a small business such as ours. The small businesses in the community are its backbone and we strive to be part of that backbone and support it. This is why most of our annuals and perennials that we do not grow ourselves are purchased from 1st, 2nd, and in some cases 3rd generation growers and artisans typically within 100 miles of our location.



We carry all the staple annuals that have graced New England gardens for years as well as the many newer varieties that have been making their way onto the scene recently.  Therefore, you can be assured healthy, lasting color all season long.  Inventory changes constantly during the months of May and June.  If we do not have a particular annual that you desire, please ask and we will attempt to locate it for you.  Remember - Annuals you plant "annually".


A well thought out perennial garden is a staple in all landscape plans, and can be planted to ensure varied color throughout the growing season.  We have many perennials available all spring and summer long.  They typically range in size from 1 quart to 5 gallon.  Remember - Perennials come back year after year.

Woody Shrubs, Roses & Trees

Shrubs come in many sizes, shapes and colors and like most perennials, shrubs that flower only bloom for a short window of time.  Shrubs are available in our yard starting early in April like your PJM and Forsythia, and carrying on right through fall with your late bloomers such as the many varities of Hydrangea paniculata.  Our tree inventory also changes constantly.  We carry all the hardy shrubs, roses and trees that thrive in our local climate.  Most are available in 3 to 5 gallon containers, while some are up to 10 gallon size.  We can help you to choose a woody shrub or tree that will work in your landscape conditions.

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