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Pottery, Gift and Gardening

A full line of ceramic pottery, plastic pottery, fertilizers and treatments, bagged soils, gardening gadgets & tools, tubs, rain barrels, accents, fountains, birdhouses and other items are available.

Pottery & Planters

We have in stock a large assortment of pottery from local manufacturers such as New England Pottery. Pots are available in many colors and finishes ranging from 4" to 24". We also have old fashion Terra Cotta and Good Earth clay pots and saucers available in a number of sizes.  In addition to ceramic pots, we have a large selection of plastic pot inventory including self watering planters.


We have recently added Homestome Imports to our planter inventory.  Planters are made from polished beach pebbles or slate chips (both pictured).  They are available in many different sizes.

Fertilizers & Controls

Fertilizers keep your planted material happy and healthy.  Not all fertilizer is created equal, and many fertilizers are specific to a certain type of specimen such as roses or evergreens.

Controls help keep pests at bay.  Like fertilizer, controls are seldom created equal and certain controls work well for certain types of threats and pests.


We carry different bagged soils as well including Espoma, Coast of Maine and Miracle-Gro.  We recently have begun to carry Earth Care Farm (AKA Merner's Gold).  The potting soil, compost and raised bed mix are available in small bags and are made here in Charlestown, RI.


PVC Planters

Mayne window boxes and deck planters are PVC, self-watering planters offering no maintenance combined with elegant appearance.  The planters, once planted and initially established, allow for root development and a constant water supply from the internal reservoir.  They are beautifully finshed and very durable.  They are available in windowbox size starting at a length of 3 feet, and in deck size starting at 20" by 20".  They are available in black and white finish.

Hand Tools

Shovels, spades, cultivating rakes, pruners, kneeling pads, garden tubs and many other helpful gardening tools are available to help with all of your outdoor needs.

Gift Baskets

Need a gift for your favorite gardener?  Gift baskets and gift cards are available.  We can customize a gift package for you, just call us and we can discuss details regarding denomination and contents.

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