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Stone & Masonry Supplies

Stone and masonry supplies are available in bulk or by the individual piece.  Stone encompasses a large group of material that is naturally existing and is honed, cut, sawn, chiseled or simply extracted.  Natural stone enhances any landscape.


Cobblestones are available in many sizes - Cube, Landscape, Regulation, Jumbo and Modular.  The most popular color is grey granite with a mild tone of salt and pepper.  They are also available in Rose, Black and Yellow.  Colors other than grey require special ordering so please call ahead and we would be happy to order them for you.  We also have a limited supply of antique cobblestone available.

Pattern Stock

Pattern stock is stone that is cut to certain sizes, typically in 6" increments, so that a pattern can be formed when installing the stone in the landscape.  Irregular shaped flagging can be used in place where consistency in the stone size is not desirable.

Tread Stock

Tread is short for stairtread.  Treads are available in lengths from 3' to 10' long, widths from 12" to 36", and thicknesses from 2" to 7".

New and Antique Granite

Granite is a dense stone cut into pieces that can be used for road and driveway curbing, upright accent decorations, steps, walks and a variety of other uses.

Granite is available is many sizes and shapes, and can be tailored to your specific project.

Landscape Boulders

Fieldstones come in all shapes and sizes ranging from large landscape boulders that act as centerpieces to small Sakonnet rounds that can be used for edging flower beds and walkways.

Wall Stone

Wall stone is stone is used to construct walls.  Walls may be wet (with cement) or dry stack (without cement).  There are many different types of wall stone available including but not limited to Old Sturbridge, Pennsylvania, Northeast Rounds, Blue Stone, etc.

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